There Are So Many Dogs

Waiting for Their Forever Homes.

Let's Find the Right Dog

For You.

Mountain Pet Rescue is a Colorado nonprofit organization dedicated to finding forever homes for pets in need. We focus on active dogs that face euthanization or are considered unadoptable in other areas of the country, but are in high demand in Colorado’s mountain communities.
Our Mission is to Improve the Lives of Pets in Need by Providing Rescue, Foster Care, Education, Training Support, and Adoption into Safe, Loving Homes.


Provide Comfort and Safety for an Animal in Transition


Become a Loving Forever Home for an Animal in Need

Thank you for your support

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Colorado Gives 2017

Over the past 6 years, Mountain Pet Rescue has saved 2000 dogs. Please donate to Mountain Pet Rescue on CO Gives Day and help us write more success stories! When donating you MUST change the default choice for donation to “CO Gives Day”.

There Are So Many Dogs Waiting for Their Forever Homes.

 Let’s Find the Right Dog For You.

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