Mountain Pet Rescue Adoption Application

Thank you for your interest in adopting a Mountain Pet Rescue pet. To be considered as an MPR adopter you must be 21 years old and, if a renter, have the consent of your landlord.

You must have some knowledge about being a good companion and guardian for the type of pet you would like to adopt and be able and willing to spend the time with the animal to provide the proper level of socialization and care needed by the pet. We want to ensure our adopters are prepared financially to provide the necessary medical treatment and proper care of the pet.

If you are applying to adopt a puppy, please be advised, for proper housebreaking and socialization we require that your puppy will receive human interaction through out the day.

We understand that you might find this application to be longer than you expected. We want to make sure that our pets find safe, healthy and happy homes and we hope that you appreciate our efforts in this goal.

Completion of this application does not guarantee adoption of an MPR pet.

If you want to foster a pet, please go to the MPR Foster Application at

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