Adoption Process

A high majority of our dogs come from out-of-state. Daily emails are received from high kill shelters, volunteers and friends of volunteers about dogs that are in need of rescue. Mountain Pet Rescue reviews each request based on if they would make a good fit for mountain life, and if approved, then placed with one of our out-of-state foster families until arrangements can be made for them to be transported to Colorado and/or, we have an adopter or foster home available. Volunteers then assist in their travel either via road or air. Once in Colorado, and with your assistance, we evaluate the dog’s personality and behavior to begin our search for a compatible home. Mountain Pet Rescue receives applications via our website. The application process consists of a phone interview with the applicant, phone interview with at least 2 references and home photos submitted via email. We then make a decision to whether the applicant is a good fit for the dog they are applying for and if they would make a good pet parent in general. Once the applicant is approved, we make arrangements with you, the foster family, to meet with the applicant, and you have the final say about whether your foster dog goes home with the applicant.

Up until this point we have only been able to make an assessment based on telephone conversations and pictures. We understand that an approved applicant may seem totally different in person or maybe the chemistry between dog and potential new owner is absent; in either case, never hesitate to contact us immediately if you feel an approved applicant is not necessarily a good match for your foster dog.

How does the adoption process work?
Meeting potential adopters and completing the paperwork

Your role as foster parent also includes meeting potential adoption families and completing paperwork when an adoption is finalized. The following information should help you complete this process easily and effortlessly.
Meeting Potential Adopters

Once an application is approved by one of our board members or operations manager, they will contact you and let you know about the applicant and how to arrange the meeting. We ask our foster families to invite the applicant to their home for a meet and greet. In most cases the adoption will be finalized on the first meeting and the applicant will go home with your foster dog, However, if you are not happy with what you observe between your foster dog and potential new owner, please call us immediately, and we will put the adoption on hold.

Valid reasons for not approving the applicant
The applicant comments on something in conversation with either you or a member of family that we would not approve of. Examples include, “I don’t think we will get him spayed”, “If it doesn’t work out, we will see if Dad will take him”, “The dog will spend most of the day outside in the yard”, “I think he’ll make a great guard dog”, “what do you think about us cropping his ears, or bobbing his tail?”, “Not sure if Dad will approve, but we will take him anyway”, “I wonder if Sissy’s choke collar will fit him?” You get the idea. We are looking for 100% committed pet parents who will treat their pets like family members. Anything less, and we are happy to decline their application.
There is one family member that does not appear happy about adopting a dog, or who appears afraid of the dog
The children are not under their parents control or are too rough with the dog and do not listen to advice on gentle petting
Their family dog/s and your foster dog do not get along
The dog does not appear happy in the presence of his potential family.

How to proceed with the adoption
If you are happy with the applicant and you wish to proceed with the adoption, the paperwork will begin. We have provided you a checklist for the adoption procedure. Please use this for every adoption you complete. It is useful to remember the adoption contract wording, so you can go over the most important information verbally. This includes the 90 day spay/neuter state regulation and fee; the owner will be 100% responsible for any medical issues that arise; they are promising to take special care of their new dog and provide him with a healthy diet, exercise and love.
You will need to collect the adoption fee in either check or cash.

Do not forget the spay/neuter deposit if your foster dog is not sterilized. This is a legal requirement and cannot be forgotten or dismissed. Before they leave, remember to tell them anything and everything about their new addition. The more they know, the more successful the transition will be.

Meeting potential adopters and completing the paperwork

What if our foster gets sick or lost?
In both instances, please call MPR immediately. If he runs away or gets lost we will put an alert out to all our local supporters and microchip company, so we can get him back to you as soon possible. This is a common occurrence, especially for new foster dogs, as they are likely trying to find their way home, so please don’t feel embarrassed or ashamed. His safe return is our only concern.
If you notice signs of your foster dog getting sick, please also get in touch with us as soon as possible so we can arrange a vet visit. If you have other pets in the home, please keep them separated until we have further diagnosis.

What if our foster gets sick or lost?
A common question from our foster parents is “can we adopt him if we fall in love?” Our answer is…Absolutely! However there are a couple of things to consider. People decide to foster for many reasons, with the most common being they are not ready for or do not have room for a permanent furry addition. If this was your reason, then we ask you to strongly consider if adopting your foster pet is truly the best decision. With so many dogs offering so much of their hearts, it is hard not to get attached and not want to say goodbye. Just make sure adoption is the best option for you! If you are considering adopting and carrying on with fostering, you need to strongly consider if you have the time, energy and finances to continue to do both. If you decide you do want to keep him then please CALL us immediately. It does not look very professional for us to get half way through an application to only tell that family that the dog is not available after all. We only offer discounted adoption fees to foster homes or volunteers that have provided extensive services to MPR, so unless this applies to you, you will be asked to pay the full adoption fee.
Discounted Rates for extensive services
$50 off if you have fostered or helped 5 dogs or more
$100 off if you have fostered or helped 10 dogs or more
$150 off if you have fostered or helped 20 dogs or more

What happens if I fall in love and cant let him go?