On June 23rd, 2018 we received a call from one of our rescue partners in Oklahoma pleading for our help. A local woman found a Husky and her five puppies living in her shed and could no longer care for them. Our vet wasted no time and immediately got them to her clinic to be vetted. Mom became known as Tasha and was in bad shape. She was emaciated, had a terrible skin condition and could no longer care for her healthy and active puppies.

Even though she was very uncomfortable, the staff at the vet clinic couldn’t say enough about how sweet and special Tasha was!  It was time to give this mom a break from her puppies so she could be pampered and start her own journey to good health. She and her puppies received a ride to Colorado from one of our amazing volunteer pilots.

Her puppies were quickly adopted and we found a foster home for Tasha where she could have all her humans love and attention. After just one month, our foster called to say they had fallen in love with Tasha and wanted to adopt her! She gained weight and her hair was starting to grow back.

Now one year later, we can not believe her transformation! Tasha now enjoys an active lifestyle in the mountains with people who love her unconditionally!

All of her pups found individual families of their own and some still get together with their siblings for playdates.

A truly happy ending for all and this is why we rescue!