Rescue can feel ordinary when a healthy litter of puppies is adopted to homes where they will never have a bad day. And sometimes, an ordinary puppy adoption can become an extraordinary service dog . . . like Cooper.


In August 2012, Cooper was a 3 month old puppy being adopted into a loving Colorado home. Raised with a family that runs a licensed day care in their home, he is rarely alone. A few years ago, Cooper began gently nipping at his mom, always in the same spot. Knowing this was unusual behavior, Cooper’s mom paid attention and found a pre-cancerous lump.

Cooper Adult

Shortly after that, Cooper became extremely protective of and bonded to a toddler attending day care. When a doctor found three separate heart defects, Cooper’s behavior took on a different light. Once the child had surgery to repair her heart, Cooper was able to relax around her. When he alerted in a similar way to another child, tests showed another heart defect. Additionally, Cooper alerts his teenage girl when she needs to take her anxiety medication.

An ordinary puppy turned medical alert service dog? Yes, This is Rescue!