Sadly, a large number of dogs are dumped. Left to fend for themselves, many of them stay rooted to the spot where they were left.  Despite the elements and local dangers, they wait patiently, trusting their people to return for them. Chance was one of those dogs.

He sat in the heat of an Oklahoma summer for weeks, allowing a patient rescuer to finally get close enough to feed him and eventually bring him inside. With her determination and love, Chance realized that people could help, not hurt.

Mountain Pet Rescue brought Chance to Colorado that December, and he was adopted. Sadly, that family was not the right environment, and he came back to rescue, alone again and afraid. Through the love and patience of an incredible foster family, Chance blossomed into who he was born to be — a lovable goofball with a great smile.

After a few months in foster care, the perfect forever family met Chance and fell in love. With their devotion, and the help of an MPR trainer, Chance is now a confident mountain dog who adores his people.

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